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   Danielle Fiore RN,BSN,CHTP,RM/I,CA

I became a board registered nurse in 2003, however, my caregiving and desire to help others started as far back as I can remember.  In 2013 I took my first Healing Touch class.  From that point, I realized why I became a nurse.  It was to find my path in healing touch.  I can remember my long, crazy shifts in the ICU and when my patient was finally stabilized and we both could rest a minute, I would close the curtain, play my soft soothing music, and give my patients their lavender bath.  

I could tell that the light touch and message made a difference in their comfort, physical appearance, and in the vital signs.  Generally, my patients would appear calm, restful, and free of pain for a good portion of my shift.  Taking level 1 Healing Touch made me realize that for the past ten years of my nursing career I was doing some type of therapeutic touch.  Realizing this made me eager to learn more about integrative medicine, especially Healing Touch.  In 2017, after three years of classes and a one-year mentorship, I became a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner.  In 2020, I became a Reiki Master and Instructor as well as a Certified Aromatherapist.  Aside from doing treatments in and out of the hospital, I work as an Electrophysiology RN and I am in school to be an instructor for Healing Beyond Borders.  I love to be outside...hiking, meditating, doing yoga, being around my close friends and family, and playing with my pets.   

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