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I had the most transcendental experience through Healing Touch. Danielle offered mantras for me to focus on, and steadily held positions along my body, working up in stations, slowly, moving on only as she felt called to. I could feel the transfer of energy. She is not moving her hands, just envisioning the energy transfer. I experienced it as vibrational energy. A tonal vibe experienced energetically. I experienced a timeless, non-physical space in which I felt eternally held and safe. People, who were not necessarily taking the form of people, but known, trusted energies, held me in that ethereal space and I felt transcendent comfort. I was completely unconscious in this space until I returned to my physical body. I felt a cathartic release and she gently reminded me that I was safe and held, not only in that moment but in a timeless way (without using so many words). I was experiencing an opening that was pure and safe. By the end of the treatment, my whole body was vibrating with powerful energy and she invited me to rest before rising. It was too powerful for words. She is a beautiful, divine soul. I feel privileged to have found her and trusted her with this part of my journey. 

With deep gratitude,


April P. 


I've been seeing Danielle for treatments since she first began doing Healing Touch. Her soothing presence, gentle hands, compassionate nature, and beautiful energy always leave me feeling balanced, peaceful, and calm.  I have suffered from severe headaches from a Traumatic Brain Injury and after receiving treatments from Danielle, my headaches always go away.  After a few sessions with her, my headaches went away completely and haven't come back!  That is one of the reasons I continue to see her to this day.  I can sense when my body gets out of whack and imbalanced and once I see her, I feel balanced and back to myself again.  Danielle is also a nurse, so she has such a great knowledge base of the body and medicine.  She can incorporate advice that is not only holistic, but also medically appropriate. I trust Danielle more than I trust any of my other healthcare providers and know I am truly being cared for by an angel when I receive her AMAZING Healing Touch and Reiki treatments.  

Andrea M. 


Last year, at 32 years old, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I was in total shock.  I am usually not one to seek alternative therapies, but I was so desperate to calm my mind and body after this diagnosis. I was up to try ANYTHING. I had never heard of therapeutic touch before, but my friends told me about Danielle and I am SO GLAD I met with her. She is also a registered nurse in town. I think she can do home visits, but I chose to go to her place. I was greeted by the sweetest dog, two cats, and entered a room filled with calming sage, essential oils, Himalayan salt lamps, and a massage table. I did not know what to expect, but I left that appointment feeling 1,000 times lighter. It was the first time I was able to turn my brain "off" from the mental and physical stress I was experiencing. It is hard to put into words what therapeutic touch is, but I felt as if all my tension was sucked out of my body and replaced with relaxation and a sense of calm. I visited her throughout my chemotherapy treatments, and credit her with why I am doing as well as I am now. I wanted to write a review in case there are other people who were skeptics of alternative medicine. Danielle is a true gem. "

Hayley W.


I had a healing touch treatment by Danielle and it was amazing! I have to admit I was a skeptic because massages rarely work for me probably cause I'm wound so tight! Typical type triple A.  I thought if massage doesn't work for me then the healing touch treatment probably wouldn't either.  Instead...I was extremely pleased and impressed by the effects of healing touch! When Danielle was finished with my treatment I felt like melting.  It was so good for my soul! I would definitely give her a 5-star rating for her abilities.



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